The value of the My Day routine

Posted On Aug 01, 2022 |

What value can you expect to gain from the My Day routine? That is what we explore in this article.

When trying to establish a new habit, it is important that you have a notion of the value that the behaviour delivers. Otherwise it gets pretty pointless to perform the behaviour after a while.

We wouldn't want that to happen to your performance of the My Day routine, so let's take a deep look at the what value you could get out of My Day as a daily habit.

Apart from the side effects we were talking about on lesson 1 (i.e. that you get to use the ToDo app in Microsoft 365 regularly which will make you more accustomed to using the apps of Microsoft 365, the shift in your self-identity, etc.), we will zero in on the very concrete task related values in this article.

Here are some value points that our clients have shared with us:

  1. You get a structured approach to planning your day in the morning, and a tool to visualize what you will have to do during the workday. 
  2. Your mind can focus on prioritizing among your tasks, and not spend energy on trying to remember the tasks, when you are in the process of planning your day ahead
  3. You get to dump your tasks and all you want to do in life in a place where you can find them later on
  4. You will be able to centralize the tasks that come to you through many different channels (your teams, your email, etc.) to one place where you have higher chances of finding them and to act on them
  5. You work on your self-discipline as of the completion of tasks, work towards a 100% completion of tasks that you promise others (and yourself). No excuses of having forgotten tasks.
  6. You will be able to stay fully aware of what is expected of you in terms of task at any point in time, which gives you the benefit of being able to be fully present with what you do and where you are (you are able to feel that you have your back free as you know that no one is expecting you to deliver on a task).
  7. After you have mastered the entering of any task in ToDo and the art of setting of due dates for all your important tasks, you will achieve a sense of self empowerment based on the knowledge that ToDo will serve (suggest) you the right tasks in the right time. You can thus empty your head completely of this kind of information, that otherwise has a propensity to meander in one's head at the wrong times (when you ought to sleep, for example)
  8. You will get things done. Both small stuff that still could be important. No more falling between the chairs.
  9. You will start to understand how the different apps of Microsoft 365 are integrated with each other.
  10. You can take leadership of the task implementation of your team (even if you are not the manager). You will start to feel confident as of tasks. 
  11. You will want to explore more ways of managing your tasks in Microsoft 365. Questions like "How do I get a chat message in Teams into my ToDo?", "How do I get a thread message in Teams into my ToDo?", etc. will arise and you will feel confident that there are ways to achieve it. 


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