The various interfaces for performing the My Day routine

Posted On Aug 02, 2022 |

The different ways to perform the My Day routine

In this blog article we show the different ways that you can perform the My Day routine.

It's good to know several ways to accomplish the same result within Microsoft 365. The particular service of Microsoft 365 could at times be unaccessible (for any reason), your device could be unavailable (for lack of battery, for example), or for any other reason. We can recommend you to try out a few of the other ways to perform My Day than what you are used to. Maybe you even will find a way that suits you better than your standard way. 

Here are some ways to perform My Day (we will be adding screenshots of each way shortly):

  1. Open the ToDo app on your mobile phone and click My Day
  2. Add the ToDo widget to your phone's start screen and add tasks to the My Day view directly on the start screen
  3. Use the Windows app (that you download from Microsoft Store)
  4. Use the ToDo online interface (at
  5. Use your Outlook desktop application
  6. Use the link on the left side of your Outlook Online application


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