Mastering Microsoft 365

A program for you who want to make the apps of Microsoft 365 work for you at work

Do you have the apps of Microsoft 365 available at work but haven't gotten to use them daily? Through our program we help you to establish robust daily habits for the apps of Microsoft 365 that will lead to increased productivity and well-being for you.

Modules of the program

No courses in this bundle.

What our clients say

Magnus at Coach Office 365 has helped me enormously the past 5 years to work smart with the help of Microsoft 365. Because when the IT tools are adapted to my personality and my modus operandi, and I feel that they actually make me more productive without me having to stretch my logic thinking, then I feel my creativity come though and a well-being settling in my body. This is great for learning.

And new habit really only stick when you gain something from it in everyday life, otherwise they feel like a waste of time. With Magnus' help I have gained a bunch of habits for Microsoft 365! Strong recommendation! 

Tiina Bruno
CEO, FamSmartAtWork

Through the Mastering Microsoft 365 program, I received great help to understand the apps of Microsoft 365 and how to establish productive habits for my office work. My ability to guide my team members to collaborate and communicate effectively also increased, I noticed quite clearly. 

Thank you very much Magnus!

Lars Wärngård
Program owner, FORTE

I have been a subscriber to the Mastering Microsoft 365 program for 3 months, and I have been able to get OneNote to work very well for me. I will surely renew my subscription and focus on mastering another of the apps of Microsoft 365. 

Rajiv Sethi
CEO, Gemini India

Fredrik Johansson
Jockey coach, ATG

Sari Olofsson
Energy specialist

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  • 1200

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  • 2000

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  • 3600

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