Mastering OneNote

This course contains all you need to master Microsoft OneNote

Course Summary

This course helps you master OneNote, the notes app within Microsoft 365.

OneNote can be used for keeping track of so much of different kinds of information and can make the life of knowledge worker of today just so much easier… assuming you use it. To get value from OneNote, you have to make a habit of using it first.

That is why we focus on helping you install useful habits. It is when it is fun and rewarding to perform a behaviour that it sticks. And you want to perform it again! Wouldn't that be wonderful? And in the process you learn to use OneNote also for other purposes. You will also look at yourself slightly differently ("I am a person who is using Microsoft 365 in an efficient way") which will help you along your digital transformation.

Course Curriculum

Magnus Fälth


My name is Magnus and I am both a coach (certified with ICF) and a Microsoft technical expert. I have been working with Microsoft technology since year 2001 in many different roles (project manager, programmer, tester, information architect, trainer) and since 2015 I work as Coach for Microsoft 365.

I'm very passionate about leadership for Microsoft 365 and I have since 2018 been helping management teams and boards to understand and make use of Microsoft 365. I also have a passion for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and love helping organizations that work towards the goals to use Microsoft 365 for their productivity. It gives me so much energy!

I live in Malmö, Sweden and I speak English, Spanish, French and German.

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