Our methodology for helping you to mastering the apps of Microsoft 365 

Do you also have the frustrating experience of not being able to make use of the apps of Microsoft 365 in the ways the trainers and the instructions show how to? Then you are not alone.

People are wakening up to the fact that more than just knowing of the functions and where to click is required for the human brain to adopt new ways of doing things. But we are still young in our relationship with technology. What is required is some form of behaviour design. And a technique for making sure the brain understands that it should perform the behaviour and when is the time for it.

These are the 3 main parts of our methodology:


The first step for you is to become aware of what digital information you need to be able to manage. And what you need to be able to achieve with your digital information at work. And then, get clear on what apps in Microsoft 365 that can help you with achieving this.


The next step is for you to develop stabile, automatic habits of behaviours that both add direct value to you and that have the potential to open up for your further development. This is done through behaviour design (we have a lot of those behaviours in our library) and through daily coaching.


The apps of Microsoft 365 are full of useful features and functions. It is however only when you know what to use an app for and are used to using it that your brain is ready for discovering and including new functions into your use of the app. 

The background of the methodology

Having trained information workers in using Microsoft technologies for over 20 years now, I have been on the outlook for a methodology that actually works in making people change their workways to fit with the technology.

Just learning about the functions and features of an app is (usually) not enough for a person to effectively change how they work with their digital information (which is absolutely necessary is you want to use the technology in a useful way). This is why I trained as a coach some 10 years back. But it was still not enough. Some years ago I discovered the theory of habit formation which turned out to the missing part of the puzzle.

To effectively instal a habit for yourself, your brain needs these 3 things:

1.A clear and easy behaviour that should be performed
2.An understanding that the specific behaviour produces value
3.An understanding of when the behaviour should be performed

Having these 3 aspects, the brain will automatize the behaviour, i.e. make it a habit (the person doesn’t have to remember to perform the behaviour, the subconscious will do it automatically). Having installed automatic habits for Microsoft 365 creates wonders for the person: it becomes easier to use the technology, a natural curiosity for what other functions are there to be used is often awoken, the self-identity is likely to change somewhat (“I am a person who is managing my notes/tasks digitally and effectively”, etc.).

Thus, the journey towards mastering Microsoft 365 has started.