Mastering ToDo

This course contains all you need to master Microsoft ToDo.

Do you want to become a master of your tasks?

Do you want to be a master of your daily tasks? Is it appealing to your to be on top of what important things you need to complete, be able to prioritize with your time, and be able to steer your working day through an updated and relevant task list?

You might have tried to use a digital tool for your tasks in the past, and failed to get a consistent use established. This is quite common, and something that we have been reflecting on a great deal.

We believe that if you get guidance on how exactly to perform a set of behaviours inside the tool (making it easy for the brain to perform the behaviour so it doesn't have to have any doubts), and if you have everything set up in advance for making it easy to perform the behaviour (like having configured the app correctly on your devices), as well if you have decided in beforehand when you should perform the behaviour on a regular basis, then you have amped up your chances to succeed.

In this course you will receive help with just the above.  

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Take the first week as a free challenge

We invite you to take the first week of this course as a free challenge.

In this challenge you will be working to develop a habit to perform the daily planning of your task for the workday, with the help of the app ToDo.

The challenge is the following:

Will you, for 5 consecutive days, be able to open up the ToDo app once a day (in the morning), and add at least 1 task to the app's My Day view, and then have that task marked as complete by end of the workday?

We will of course help you to achieve this. Each day of the challenge you will receive tips on how you can make sure that you'll remember to perform the behaviours required.  
According to previous participants of the challenge, you have a high chance of come away with a powerful routine for planning your workday.

Other positive take-aways from the challenge are that you will get started on your journey towards mastering the ToDo app + you will learn about developing habits for Microsoft 365. 

Course curriculum

The 5 weeks of the course

Below you find a description of the focus of each week of the course.

Week 1: Forming the habit

The first week we have our focus on getting you to establish the My Day routine as a daily habit.  Modern neuro science research have a lot to offer us for this, and we provide you with the most powerful techniques for you to within the week establish the habit. We thus start the course with a challenge: will you be able to establish My Day as a habit of yours in the 5 days?  

Week 2: The basic functions of the ToDo app

This week we go through some of the useful functions of the app, that could be useful for you. 

Week 3: The added routines you'd need 

This week we go through in depth the value you can have of the My Day routine. We go through various scenarios of how a workday can unfold, with My Day at a center.

Week 4: The advanced functions of ToDo

This  week we go through some of the advanced functions of the app, that could be useful for you, e.g. Add steps to a task, make a task repeat itself, 

Week 5: Make sure you complete your My Day

When you have all habits in place, you can start to exercise some pressure on making sure you complete all tasks that you take on for a day (and not leave them uncompleted). This gives you a great feeling of self-empowerment, that you are in control of what should be done in your life. But it can be hard to get this self-discipline in place which is why we do this during our last week of the course.
So we end with a challenge, as well.   

Magnus Fälth


My name is Magnus and I am both a coach (certified with ICF) and a Microsoft technical expert. I have been working with Microsoft technology since year 2001 in many different roles (project manager, programmer, tester, information architect, trainer) and since 2015 I work as Coach for Microsoft 365.

I'm very passionate about leadership for Microsoft 365 and I have since 2018 been helping management teams and boards to understand and make use of Microsoft 365. I also have a passion for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and love helping organizations that work towards the goals to use Microsoft 365 for their productivity. It gives me so much energy!

I live in Malmö, Sweden and I speak English, Spanish, French and German.

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